Terms & Conditions

Easy Moto Care – Terms & Conditions (1)

Easy Moto Care aims to:

Easy Moto Care is administered by Riding Rubber and the mechanical services provided to members will be provided by a Riding Rubber technician unless specified. Services only include mechanical services operated by a Riding Rubber technician unless specified.

Each membership is restricted to one motorcycle (3), although a person may have multiple memberships if they own more than one motorcycle. 10% membership fee discounts apply to multiple memberships (4).

Membership fees are set by Riding Rubber and are payable by direct debit authority from the member’s nominated bank account or card. All memberships will be paid in advance at all times. Members can elect to make a single annual payment in which case a discounted subscription fee may be applied (5)

On 1 July of each year the yearly subscription amount will be reviewed. You will be advised of any increase in subscription which will take effect from the anniversary date of your membership plan.

Each membership will be for a period of 12 months. A three-month cooling-off period applies to the initial membership period. Easy Moto Care will send members a reminder at least one month prior to expiry of the 12-month period. Membership will be renewed for a further 12-month period unless a cancellation request is lodged.

Should you wish to cancel your membership, you must provide us 14 days’ notice in writing. We count this period from the date of your request. To cancel your membership please send an email to: easymotocare.pty.ltd@gmail.com. If you sell your motorcycle, please contact Easy Moto Care at easymotocare.pty.ltd@gmail.com to end or transfer your membership to the new owner.

Termination of membership during a membership period (including during the cooling-off period) may result in the remaining installments of the membership fee for that period being immediately payable or an amount being payable based on the value of the products or services obtained in the period. (7).

Any services provided as part of the membership benefits may be performed by a licensed technician and/or an apprentice technician. A Motorcycle membership will entitle the member to receive products & services including:

Membership benefits vary between each membership structure and may change from time to time at the discretion of Riding Rubber.

To become a member of Easy Moto Care, you must (i) be at least 18 years of age (ii) provide us an Australian residential address (not a PO Box); and (iii) provide us with the details of your valid credit/debit card.

Easy Moto Care reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on www.easymotocare.com.au .