Is there a discount if I pay upfront?


If you select to pay for your membership annually you will automatically receive 5% off the total membership fees.

Is Easy Moto Care Insurance?

No, it is a proactive preventative membership designed to keep your bike in excellent running condition. Motorcycle insurance is designed primarily for accidents. 

Is there a discount for multiple bikes?

Yes! Additional bikes receive 10% off their membership fee

How do I pay for Easy Moto Care?

Each membership term is for 12 months. You may elect to pay the annual fee in full each year or opt to pay the annual fee over the 12 months via monthly or weekly direct debits. All memberships will automatically renew unless you advise the Easy Moto Care team otherwise. 

Can I join for less than 12 months?

No, Easy Moto Care is a 12 month maintenance plan for your bike to fully benefit from the membership. 

How long am I obligated to make payments?

You must sign up to the plan for a minimum of 12 months (with a 3 month cooling off period). Your membership will automatically renew unless cancelled in writing within at least 14 days of your one year anniversary. Our friendly Easy Moto Care team will contact you before the renewal. 

What happens if cancel my membership?

 Please contact the Easy Moto Care team to discuss cancellation. You may be required to pay the remainder of your membership fee or full retail value for services or discounts used under Easy Moto Care less membership fees paid (whichever is less).

We offer a 3 month cooling off period in your first year of membership – if you have paid more towards your membership than received in discounts, you may be eligible for a refund. If discounts received are greater than membership fees paid, cancellation will result in fees payable as above.


What happens if I sell my bike?

If your sell your bike there is nothing to worry about. 

We can facilitate a membership transfer to the new owner providing they wish to continue. If a membership is transferred benefits related to that membership do not reset until the membership anniversary.

If the new owner does not wish to continue the membership or is not approved you can cancel your membership. However, you will be required to make a lump sum payment being the lesser of: 

i. The installments of the subscription fees still owing for the membership period: or 

ii. For the relevant membership period, the Normal Retail Value of the products and services received less the total of the installments paid 

All requests must be made in writing. We can be reached at easymotocare.pty.ltd@gmail.com

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